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Devote Clothing Ltd Unit 3O, Leroy House, 436 Essex Road, Islington - London, N1 3QP, United Kingdom.

Alien Egg

Alien Egg


Thickness: 0.5 - 0.8 mm

Price: 1,350.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Customer Reviews

 (Overall Rating: 10 out of 10 based on 6 customer review(s)

5 stars rating (10 / 10)
 I love it  I've had the chance to try this at Rubber Cult and I just wanted to stay in forever. This is the best inflatable rubber contraption ever. It takes you back to the womb literally.    () - London

5 stars rating (10 / 10)
 The egg is great!  I have inflated the Egg with my eletronic air pump and it worked as I imagined. It takes about 3 minutes to inflate from totally deflated to full size. Definitely, the rubber bondage with 3D-experience is the best that Alien Egg can offer! My friends and I will have lots of fun with it.    () - Helsinki - Finland

5 stars rating (10 / 10)
 Devote Alien Egg Experience  This is the ultimate in engulfment fantasy. I was hanging on to the saftey zipper for dear life, but then let go as my heart started pounding:) Also, hats off to Lee and his associates for the pleasant ordering process and fast delivery. Such professionalism and personal touch. GREAT LATEX!!!!!!    () - Chicago

This is our masterstroke of total Sensory Deprivation. This inflatable bondage ball in the shape of the infamous eggs from the Alien movie is the ultimate sensory deprivation experience. We have created a showpiece for people who take their pleasure and playtime seriously.

The Alien Egg is made from two 'skins' of rubber. The outer layer is made of thick 0.8 mm rubber whilst the inner layer is made of medium 0.5 mm rubber. Each skin can be made in different colour to give the Egg the maximum visual effect. It has a British Respiratory Gas Mask inside which has a double length corrugated tube going to the outside for breathing. It is inflated via a Schraeder valve or the rubber tube attached to the side that can be tied off in a slip knot so when the fun is over it can be deflated more easily.

The four full length zips quickly close the Alien Egg holding your entire body inside its rubber walls. When inflated, the Alien Egg restricts all movements from within and isolates you perfectly inside its shell.

We recommend entering the Alien Egg before it is fully inflated. Once inside, you put the respiratory mask on and you can either sit down, kneel or adopt a foetal position which add the full dimension to the inside-egg experience, just like being held in a womb. The four panels are then zipped up enclosing you completely. Once inside, although your movements are tightly restricted, you will still be able to move your arms with a little effort in order to reach the inside zip runner. This is a security feature that we thought necessary to ensure a safe emergency exit in case your play partner was unexpectedly unavailable.

As a sub inside, you are sure to appreciate the complete sensory deprivation and the utter isolation. From outside, you will enjoy the multiple two way zip runners which open to allow full access anywhere inside the Egg without having to open it from the top down. The player outside may use this feature to startle the wearer inside with random tickles, pinches or in anyway you can imagine. The Alien Egg can be enjoyed naked or in full rubber gear. Sharp objects should however be avoided.

The Alien Egg stands up by itself when it is inflated with or without someone inside. The base has been designed large enough to ensure stability and the centre of gravity was studied to be closer to the base, so it doesn’t topple over easily. However, it is more stable when someone is inside. From outside the Egg can be rocked from side to side due again to the centre of gravity being close to the base of the Egg. The sensation inside when the Egg is moved in that way increase the feeling of being completely restricted and at the mercy of the outside world whilst adding a mild touch of disorientation.

Each d.vote's Alien Egg is hand made to the highest standards. They are fully tested at full air pressure before being shipped.
In the Alien Egg ... no one can hear you scream!

*Please note that this item may take up to six weeks before being shipped.